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James Earl Carter, Jr. was born on October 1, 1924 at Wise Hospital, to his father James Earl Carter, Sr. and mother Bessie (Lillian) Gordy Carter. James Jr. lived in Plains, Georgia and was the oldest of three other children, his brother William A. Carter and two sisters Gloria and Ruth Carter. Later at around the age of two, James Jr. would be given the nickname “Jimmy.”


Shortly after Jimmy was born the Stock Market would slowly begin to crash, with finally the Great Depression happening. Jimmy’s mother and father worked very hard so the Great Depression wouldn’t affect them and their children. James Sr. and Lillian couldn’t handle working all on their own so at around the age of 10 in 1934 during the presidency of Franklin D. Roosevelt, he began to work on the fields as a “farmer boy”. Three years later in 1937 at the age of 13 he would begin to count up all his saved money from the past three years, and it would be enough to buy him five homes in Plains, Georgia. Later on as things from Wall Street to Main Street got better he was able to attend Plains High School, and there he would find a passion for Basketball. As for college Jimmy attend Georgia South-Western College, and then after graduating from there he would attend the U.S Naval Academy. Sadly his plans would change, because after his father’s death on July 23, 1953 he was called by his family to help out at home and support them. He resigned from the Navy on October 9. 1953.


About nine years later in 1962 during the presidency of John F. Kennedy he began showing interest in Politics. He would then run for Governor of Georgia. At that time Jimmy Carter was just a stranger to many people so it was very hard for him to gain votes from the voters but eventually he would win the elections. On January 12, 1971 he would be sworn in as the 76th Governor of Georgia. Jimmy wanted to do many things for Georgia but one of the things he did during his two terms as governor was “Increase the number of African American staff members in Georgia by 25%.”


In 1976 James would run for President as a Democratic fighting for the rights of the poor and middle class. While running for President of the United States James used two strategies, one was called a “Two-Prong strategy.” The Two Prong strategy was what he used in the South when ran as a resident/“favorite son”, meaning he didn’t try as hard to win the South because he was a resident of the South and most people in the South at that time were Democratic. In the North James tried his best to attract Christian voters. The second strategy he used was simply just a method, it was reaching one state and gathering respect before his opponent could. During the Primary Elections James ran against John F. Kennedy’s brother Ted Kennedy. As for a Vice President he choose Senator Walter F. Mondale who was senator of Minnesota, Attorney General of Minnesota during the Presidency of Dwight D. Eisenhower and John F. Kennedy and would later be the U. S Ambassador to Japan during the Presidency of Bill Clinton. Some people say the reason why James was elected was because the Watergate’s Scandal was still new in the eyes of the voters.


President Carter wanted America to become allies with as much countries around the world as possible, so he needed to pick a Secretary of State who was good with International Relations to help promote his foreign policy. On the other hand he also wanted to deal with Human Rights. He once said that: “One should live one’s life in a moral way.” Unfortunately his plan for Human Rights was being “Juggled” and he was doing too much at once...The most controversial thing that President Carter did while in office was sign the Panama Canal Treaty. This Treaty stated that after 1999 the U.S no longer had control over the Panama Canal. The Panama Canal was meant to connect the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean, and make transport from one side to the other easier and quicker.

car0-0281On June 18, 1979 the Strategic Arms Limitations Talks (SALT) was signed by President Carter. The purpose of SALT was to keep the Nuclear Weapons of Finland limited. President Carter didn’t want Finland only to limit its Nuclear Weapon power but for all the country’s of the world to do so.

On January 23, 1980 President Carter created the Carter Doctrine which stated that “The U.S would not allow any other outside force to gain control of the Persian Gulf.” If any “outside force” was to take over the Persian Gulf the United States was able to fight back using the military.


President Carter wanted to assemble peace between the Middle East (Egypt and Israel). The President of Egypt, President Anwar EL Sadat, the Prime Minster of Israel: Meacham and President Carter all met up at Camp David for 12 days secretly beginning on September 17, 1978 and ending on September 29, 1978. The President and Prime minster signed the peace agreement at the White House with President Carter there as a witness. The agreement was called: The Camp David Agreement of 1978.

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Before President Carter’s term as president was about to end he began to pardon criminals; in total he pardoned 4 criminals. The first person that he pardoned was Oscar Collazo who was arrested on November 1, 1950 for having an assassination attempt against President Truman. The next person he pardoned was G. Gordon Liddy. G. Gordon Liddy was the leader of the five men who were getting information for former President Richard Nixon (Watergate Scandal). President Carter gave him the benefit of deopit and cut his jail time from 20years to 8 years then reduced it to 4 and a half years, he was released on September 7, 1977. After that he pardoned all Vietnam Draft dodgers. Finally he pardoned Patricia Hearst Shaw, who was found guilty of Bank Rubbery on March 3, 1976. Patricia was sentenced to 35 years in prison but then her time was later reduced to 7 years in prison and later she would be let out early by President Carter on February 1, 1979 serving only one and a half months.


President Carter decided to campaign again for the position of President. President Carter would win the Primaries but loose badly when it came to the final elections as he only won 6 states and one district: Hawaii, Minnesota, Rhode Island, Maryland, D.C, Georgia, and West Virginia.


In 2002 former President Carter became the Third President to win the Noble Peace Prize. Now he and his wife Rosalynn Smith Carter live in Georgia. Former President Carter is an active reader and writer; he has published over 20 books.