Did You Know?

  • James Carter was the first President Born in a hospital!
  • He is the first president to be elected from Georgia.
  • James is a deep believer in God and is said to pray several times a day!
  • Jimmy Carter grew up in a segregated America but that didn’t change him because he supported the law that made it legal for all schools in America to take in Children of ALL races!
  • Jimmy’s favorite hobby while growing up was reading and activity while in High School was Basketball!
  • When graduating from High School he came out 59th out of 820 midshipmen!
  • Carter was a junior officer while serving on the “Diesel electric submarines”!
  • He once said that Captain Hyman G. Rickover had a great influence on him and was his role model!
  • He wanted to become the Chief of Naval operations, and make being in the Navy his life long career!
  • Carter worked to serve and promote African American rights!
  • Jimmy supported abortion during his presidency but didn’t support investing in new abortion technology!
  • Instead of the “death penalty”, Jimmy and congress replaced it with “Life in Prison”!
  • In 1963 he filed a report saying he saw a UFO but later covered it up and said: “I now believe that it was some type of military experiment”!
  • During his 1976 Presidential Election he WON the state of Texas which who later become a Republican State and LOST California which would later become a Democratic State!
  • James was the third President to receive the Noble Peace Prize!
  • Jimmy has wrote 23 books and some of them contain poetry!
  • Carter is one of the few presidents who go out in the open with out security, he usually uses his bicycle for transportation!


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