Top Ten Greatest Presidents

h85937k11.Dwight D. Eisenhower is my first favorite president because of the fact that he and the Supreme Court ruled against segregated schools in America. This is important because if he and other loyal Americans hadn’t changed it the people who are considered are friends would just be strangers to us all.

abraham-lincoln-picture12. Abraham Lincoln is my second faviorte President because he freed the enslaved even though it is said to be he had slaves of his own. Abraham Lincoln is said to have said this quote: “I am not a slave nor a slave owner…” .

monroe13. James Monore is my third favorite president because of the fact that he gave up his education t fight for his country, as he left college to fight in the Revolutionary War and that he helped form our Great Country.

3b52090r14. James E. Carter is my fourth president because while running for President of America he was look at by many as a small town guy who wanted to serve his country and the fact that he served his mother and family after his fathers death is very inspiring.

who-is-barack-obama15. Barack Obama is one of my favorite presidents because of the fact that he also is a regualar guy that has went through many hardships in his life and he still has the ability to wake up every morning and smile about life, and also for the fact that he has proved that you need to work for what you want nothing comes easily and that if you are passionate about something you should work towards it.

mb-andrewjackson16. Andrew Jackson shows people that a person who is not from money can succeed because he himself is one of the two presidents that weren’t born rich. He showed that he didn’t want the lower and middle class people to be forgotten.

chester_arthur_3x47. Chester A. Arther is a remarkable man because of the fact that he fought for other peoples rights while he was suffering from Kidney disease.

fdrpaint8.Franklin D. Roosevelt is also one of my favorite presidents because of the fact that he actually made an attempt to fix our nations “Greatest Depression” even thought the man before him didn’t make a attempt at all.

george_washington_dollar9. George Washington is my ninth favorite president because of his attempt to form the country we call America. Even though they where many people involved in the forming of America he was there through it all. He showed an enormous amount of Patriotic Love towards America.

2910. John F. Kennedy is my tenth favorite president because he didn’t want America to get lazy and get use to being spoon feed. You can tell he wanted this for America if you listen to his Inaugural l Address as he said:” Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your Country!”


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